Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Tone and overall color saturation can be adjusted.
If Picture Style 
 is set to [Monochrome], [Color tone] and [Color 
saturation] switch to [Filter effect] and [Toning effect] 
(this page)
Color tone:
Move the slider to the right to make tones 
more yellowish, and to the left to make tones 
more reddish.
Color saturation: Adjusts the overall color intensity for the 
image. Move the slider to the right for more 
intense colors, and to the left for less intense 
Changing Color Tone and Color Saturation
Enter a setting (in 0.1-
stop increments)
Reverts the image to 
the original settings
Drag the sliders left or 
The adjustment range is –4 to +4.
Adjusting Monochrome
When the Picture Style 
is set to [Monochrome], you can create 
monochrome photographs with effects similar to filtering, or with a look 
of monotone color photograph.
Select [Monochrome] in the [Picture Style] list box.
Reverts the image to 
the original settings
Displays the values of 
the settings