Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Editing with the Color Adjustment Tool Palette
With the Color Adjustment tool palette, you can adjust the hue, 
saturation and luminance in a specific color gamut for 8 color gamuts 
(red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple and magenta). You can 
also adjust the hue and saturation for the entire image and tune 
monochrome images..
Select an image in the main window, etc.
Display the Color Adjustment tool palette.
Adjusting a Specific Color Gamut
Use the sliders to make adjustments. You can also make adjustments 
by directly entering a numeric value.
H: Adjusts the hue.
S: Adjusts the saturation.
L: Adjusts the luminosity.
Editing with the Color Adjustment Tool Palette
Revert all adjustments to 
the original settings
Drag the sliders left 
or right
Enter the values to set
Revert color gamut 
adjustments to the 
original settings
The adjustment ranges are as follows:
H: –20 to +20
S: –10 to +10
L: –10 to +10