Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Adjusting Hue and Saturation for an Entire 
Use the sliders to make adjustments. You can also make adjustments 
by directly entering a numeric value.
Move the slider to the right to make color tones more 
yellowish, and to the left to make color tones more reddish.
Saturation:Adjusts the overall color intensity for the image. Move the 
slider to the right for more intense colors, and to the left for 
less intense colors.
Revert all adjustments 
to the original settings
Drag the sliders left or 
Enter the values to set
The adjustment range for hue is –30 to +30; and for saturation is 0 
to 200.
Adjusting in Monochrome
Press the [Monochrome] button to set the 8 color gamuts to their least 
saturation (-10) and create a monochrome image. After creating it, you 
can tune the monochrome image with the H and L sliders for each color 
gamut, adjusting the hue and brightness.
Revert all adjustments 
to the original settings
Drag the sliders left or 
Enter the values to set