Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Check the status of [Lens data] for [Digital Lens 
[Not Available] is displayed for an image shot with a non-
compatible camera or lens, or for a non-compatible image such 
as a JPEG, TIFF, S-RAW, or M-RAW image. The function cannot 
be used for these images.
If [No] is displayed, proceed to step 2. To use the function, you 
need to download the lens data for the lens used when shooting 
the image. It is recommended that you check the lens used when 
shooting the image beforehand. The lens used can be checked 
using the image information and shooting information displays. 
If [Yes] is displayed, proceed to step 4.
Using the Digital Lens Optimizer
Click the [
] button.
The [Add or Remove lens data] window appears.
To use this function, an environment with Internet access 
(subscription to a provider, browser software installed and an in-
place line connection) is required.
An administrator-level privilege is required for this operation.
Before you click the [
] button in step 2, Lens data [No] may 
be displayed instead of [Not Available] for non-compatible images.