Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Checkmark the checkbox for the lens used to shoot 
the image, and click the [Start] button.
The lens data is downloaded to your computer. 
When the downloading of the lens data ends, the indication for 
the lens data changes to [Yes].
Lenses compatible with this function are those displayed in the 
[Add or Remove lens data] window.
If you remove the check mark from the checkbox for already-
downloaded lens names and click the [Start] button, the lens data 
will be deleted from your computer.
Depending on the type, current state, etc. of software running on 
your computer, the download of the lens data may fail. If it occurs, 
wait for a while then try downloading the data again.
If you want to change the destination where lens data is saved 
when there is already downloaded lens data, move the previously 
downloaded lens data from the old folder to the new destination 
folder manually.
Checkmark the [Digital Lens Optimizer] checkbox 
and adjust the image. 
Reverts to its condition 
before adjustment
Since the lens data downloaded with DPP version 3.x is not 
compatible with DPP version 4.x, the lens data must be downloaded 
When applying the Digital Lens Optimizer, the effect of [Sharpness] 
or [Unsharp mask] may become excessive. It is recommended that 
you set [Sharpness] or [Strength] for [Unsharp mask] for images to 0 
before using the Digital Lens Optimizer. Adjust [Sharpness] or 
[Unsharp mask] again after applying the Digital Lens Optimizer to