Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Editing with the Dust Delete/Copy Stamp Tool Palette
You can use this tool palette to erase dust and other marks in a shot 
image and to correct an image by copying part of the image and pasting 
it onto an unnecessary part of the image.
Note that you can use the functions in this tool palette with JPEG and 
TIFF images as well as RAW images.
Dust Delete/Copy Stamp Tool Palette
The Dust Delete Data that is appended to images can be used to 
automatically erase dust spots.
Select an image with dust delete data attached in the 
main window, etc.
Display the Dust Delete/Copy Stamp tool palette.
You cannot make adjustments with the Dust Delete/Copy Stamp 
tool palette in a window that only shows thumbnails.
When the image has redrawn itself, click the [Apply 
Dust Delete Data] button.
Dust spots are erased in a single operation.
Return to the main window.
Performing Automatic Dust Erasure Processing