Canon PowerShot S120 Manual (en)

Select the image to combine. 
Select the image to combine from the [Foreground Image] list 
The selected image is displayed in the [Foreground Image] 
thumbnail display.
A preview of the combined background image and [Foreground 
Image] is displayed in the composite preview.
The following images can be combined.
• When a background image is selected in the main window: 
images in same folder as background image
• When a background image is selected in the [Collection] 
window: images in the [Collection] window
• When a background image is selected in the edit image 
window: images displayed in the thumbnail display area
You can also combine images of different sizes.
Select a compositing method.
Select a compositing method from the [Composite Method] list 
The compositing method selected in the composite preview is 
The compositing method can be selected from five types: Add, 
Average, Weighted, Lighten, and Darken. For details on each 
compositing method, see “Compositing Methods” 
If you select [Weighted], you can set the proportion of the image 
to be combined. Use the [Weight] slider at the bottom of the 
[Composite Method] list box or directly enter a value to set the  
By clicking the [100% view] button, the image is displayed at 
100% magnification (actual pixel size).