Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Batch Downloading Images to Your Computer
You can batch download to your computer the images saved on the 
memory card inserted in the camera according to the selected condition.
The downloaded images are sorted by date into folders and are then 
displayed in the main window of Digital Photo Professional version 4.x 
(RAW image processing, viewing and editing software) (hereinafter 
DPP), which is linked to start up automatically, where you can check 
them immediately.
Click [Download images to computer].
 Download images window appears.
Click the [Settings] button in [Start automatic download].
The setting dialog box appears.
Select a condition for downloading images and click 
the [OK] button.
The setting dialog box closes.
Click the text [Start automatic download].
The [Save File] dialog box appears and image downloading to 
your computer begins.
The downloaded images are saved in the [Pictures] folder.
When all images have been downloaded, DPP starts up 
automatically and the downloaded images are displayed in 
DPP’s main window.