Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

WFT Captions
You can create captions to be used for the wireless file transmitter’s 
“Transfer with caption” and register them to the camera with this 
For more details on WFT caption, refer to the Instruction Manual of 
the wireless file transmitter.
Register Background Music
You can register WAV-format music files, saved to your computer, to 
the camera’s memory card as background music. Registered 
background music can be played together with a Video Snapshot 
Album or slideshow played on the camera 
Register IPTC information
If this function for adding IPTC
 information is equipped with the 
camera, you can edit and register IPTC information. IPTC information 
is comment information, such as captions, credits, and shooting 
 International Press Telecommunications Council
Web Service Settings
You can register web services to a camera 
You can register up to three Picture Style files downloaded from the 
Canon Web site or created with Picture Style Editor (Picture Style file 
creating software) (hereinafter PSE) and saved to your computer, as 
user-defined settings in your camera.
Picture Style files created with [Base Picture Style] set to [Fine 
Detail] cannot be registered to the cameras which do not have 
[Fine Detail] as a preset Picture Style.
If [Fineness] or [Threshold] in [Sharpness] is set for the Picture 
Style file, you cannot register that Picture Style file to the cameras 
which do not have [Fine Detail] as a preset Picture Style.
Click [Register Picture Style File].
The [Register Picture Style File] dialog box appears.
Applying Picture Style Files to the Camera