Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Register correction data.
Icons in the Register Lens Data Window
Left column:  camera-registered status of lens aberration 
correction data
Check marks will be added to the lenses with their 
correction data registered in the camera.
Middle column: computer download status of DLO lens data
 :  Not downloaded to the computer.
 :  Already downloaded to the computer.
 :  Update data is available on the server.
(The update data is not downloaded to the 
Right column: camera-registered status of DLO lens data
 :  Not registered to the camera.
 : Already registered to the camera.
Registering Lens Aberration Correction Data to the Camera
Lens aberration correction data for lenses available at the time of 
releasing the camera to the market are all registered to the camera. 
It will not be necessary to register lens aberration correction data to 
the camera also for almost all lenses released to the market after 
the camera. However, it will be necessary to register lens 
aberration correction data to the camera for lenses with which no 
check mark is added to the lens aberration correction data column 
in the register lens data window. Register data to the camera with 
the following method.
To register lens aberration correction data for lenses to the 
camera, checkmark the boxes of lenses for which you want to 
register correction data and then click the [OK] button. EU exits.