Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Adjust the focus
Click the [
] button and begin shooting.
At the bottom left of the [Remote Live View window], a [
] icon 
and the recording time are displayed.
Click the [
] button again to end shooting.
When the [Remote Live View window] closes, the following 
window appears if some movie files remain to be downloaded to 
your computer.
After you click the [Download] button, the file names of the movie 
files appear in a list.
Recording time
After specifying [Destination Folder] and [File Name], click the 
[Download] button in the window, and movie files will be 
downloaded from the camera’s memory card to your computer.
Movie files having a check mark removed from its file name are 
not downloaded. When downloading movie files to your 
computer afterwards from the camera’s memory card, use the 
method described on 
 of this Instruction Manual to