Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Display the capture window 
Click the [
] button.
The [Interval timer shooting] dialog box appears.
Select the mode.
Select from the following 2 modes.
[Camera function] mode:
This mode uses the camera’s interval timer shooting function. 
You can perform shooting at precise intervals. Shooting at short 
intervals is also supported. You can also operate the camera 
during interval timer shooting.
[Computer control] mode:
Performs interval timer shooting using computer.
Bulb shooting is also supported.
Click the [Camera function] or [Computer control] button.
Either settings dialog box appears.
Specify settings.
[Camera function] mode:
Enter the shooting interval and the number of shots.
• Enter a shooting interval between 1 second and 99 hours 59 
minutes 59 seconds in one-second increments.
• Enter the number of shots between 01 and 99. If set to 00, 
there is no limit on the number of shots and shooting continues 
until the interval timer stops.
5D Mk IV
[Computer control] mode:
Specify settings by the following steps.
1) Checkmark [Remote interval timer shooting].
2) Enter the shooting interval and the number of shots.
• Enter a shooting interval between 5 seconds and 99 minutes 
59 seconds in one-second increments.
• The minimum number of shots is two. The number of shots 
you can set depends on the available space on your 
computer’s hard disk.
Click the [Start] button.
The shots are taken at the specified intervals and for the 
specified number of shots.
In [Computer control] mode, on certain types of computer, if you 
set a short interval between shots and there is insufficient time to 
transfer and save the images, it may not be possible to take shots 
at the specified interval. In such a case, set a longer interval 
between shots and take the shots again.
For cautions for using [Camera function] mode, refer to the 
description regarding interval timer shooting in the camera’s 
Instruction Manual.
The shooting mode cannot be changed when the [Timer shooting 
settings] dialog box is displayed.
Set the shooting mode before displaying the [Timer shooting 
To end interval timer shooting while in progress:
In [Camera function] mode, click the [Stop] button in the [Interval 
timer] dialog box.
In [Computer control] mode, click the [Cancel] button in the [Timer 
shooting settings] dialog box.