Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Connecting the Camera and Computer
To download to your computer images shot with your camera, you will 
need to connect your camera and computer using an interface cable.
Before connecting your camera and computer with EU’s Wi-Fi/LAN 
connection pairing function, see “LAN Connection with EU” 
Connect the large plug of the cable into the USB port 
of your computer.
For the location and direction of the USB port, refer to the user’s 
manual for the computer.
Connect the small plug of the cable into the digital 
terminal on your camera.
Once the plug is connected to the camera according to the steps 
for your camera model, preparation for downloading images is 
complete. Refer to “
 Confirming Computer Settings” to check 
the settings of the computer, and continue with “Starting up EU” 
When connecting the cable to the camera, use the cable 
protector. Connect the cable to the digital terminal with the plug’s 
> icon facing the back of the camera.
Cameras other than those above
With the <
> mark on the plug facing the front of the camera, 
connect it to the camera’s <A/V OUT / DIGITAL> terminal.
1D X Mk II
5D Mk IV
7D Mk II
Using a genuine Canon interface cable is recommended.
Confirming Computer Settings
Before you start up EU, connect the camera and the computer 
and set the camera’s power switch to <ON>, then make sure that 
the following settings are applied to your computer. If these are 
not applied, adjust the settings as follows. 
Select [Applications]  [Image Capture].  Double-click the 
icon of the camera connected to the computer.  Set 
[Connecting this camera opens] to [No application].
After confirming and adjusting the settings, set the camera’s 
power switch to <OFF>.
To start up EU, you must connect your camera to the same USB 
port as when you confirmed and adjusted the settings.
To use another USB port, confirm and adjust the settings again.
With , you can fix the plug to the camera with the cable protector to 
prevent the plug from disconnecting. For details on using it, see 
the camera instruction manual.
1D X Mk II
1D X
1D C
5D Mk IV
7D Mk II