Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Adding EOS Sample Music
Click the [EOS Sample Music] button.
The EOS Sample Music on your computer is added to [List of 
background music to register].
This operation cannot be performed if EOS Sample Music is not 
installed on your computer.
Click the [Register] button.
The music files in [List of background music to register] are 
registered (copied) to the camera’s memory card.
Music files already registered on the camera’s memory card are 
overwritten as music files are registered.
Registering music files to your camera one track at a time is not 
Click the [Close] button.
The [Register Background Music] window closes.
Music copied with this function may not be used without permission 
from the copyright holder, except for cases permitted under 
applicable laws, such as for personal use.
Music files meeting the following requirements may be registered to 
the camera’s memory card.
File format
Music file export: WAVE (.wav, .wave) 
files in linear PCM
File time limit
Up to 29 min. 59 sec. per one file
File number limit
Up to 20 files
2 channels