Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Registering IPTC Information
If this function for adding IPTC
 information is equipped with the 
camera, you can edit and register IPTC
 information. IPTC information 
registered on the camera can be added to shot images.
IPTC information is comment information, such as captions, credits, and 
shooting location.
 International Press Telecommunications Council
Connect your camera and computer. Start up EU and 
click [Camera settings].
The Camera settings window appears.
If your camera and computer are not connected, the [Register 
IPTC information] option is not displayed.
Click [Register IPTC information].
The [Register IPTC information] dialog box appears.
5D Mk IV
Edit and register information as needed.
[Register IPTC information] is displayed with current camera 
settings entered.
Even if IPTC information is not set, [Author] and [Copyright] 
information are displayed if they are registered in the camera.
Clicking the [Apply to camera] button sets the IPTC information 
to the camera and then also sets the camera’s Custom Function 
[Add IPTC information] option to [ON] and closes the [Register 
IPTC information] dialog box.
Clicking the [Delete from camera] button deletes all IPTC 
information registered in the camera and then also sets the 
camera’s Custom Function [Add IPTC information] option to 
[OFF] and closes the [Register IPTC information] dialog box. 
After clicking the [Delete from camera] button, IPTC information 
is not added to shot images.
You can click the [Save] button to save information displayed in 
the current [Register IPTC information] dialog box as an XMP 
You can click the [Load] button to load IPTC information saved to 
a file using this function.