Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

Starting up EU
When the camera’s power switch is set to <ON>, EU will start up, and 
the camera and computer will be able to communicate.
Set the camera’s power switch to < ON >.
Click the [EOS Utility] icon on the Dock.
Communication between the camera and the computer begins, 
and the following screen appears.
From the next time you connect your camera and the computer, 
EU will start when you set your camera’s power switch to <ON>.
EU starts up, the main window appears, and your camera and 
computer can now communicate. Continue with “Batch 
Downloading Images to Your Computer”.
EU Main window
, you can operate the camera and download images 
saved on the memory card inserted in the camera to your 
computer. Refer to your camera’s Instruction Manual for details.
1D X Mk II
1D X
1D C
5D Mk IV 5D Mk III
7D Mk II
When EU starts, a [
] icon appears on the menu bar of the 
desktop. You can click this icon and display the screen to apply the 
setting below.
 [Do not launch EOS Utility automatically when camera is 
If you select [Quit] on this screen, EU will not start automatically 
when you connect the camera and the computer again.