Canon EOS 80D Manual (en)

List of Register Data Window Functions for Lens Data/Lens Aberration Correction 
Displays lenses selected 
in [Select a lens category] 
by category
Lens category
Displays all the categories
No. of lenses registered in the camera/No. of lenses that can be registered
Displays only the 
registered lenses
Lens names displayed in the [Register lens data]/[Register lens aberration correction 
data] window may be partially shortened depending on the lens type. Note that you do 
not have to register correction data for an EF-M lens.
Depending on the camera to be connected, lens model names with which the check 
mark cannot be removed may be displayed in the [Register lens data]/[Register lens 
aberration correction data] window. This indicates that it is not necessary to register the 
correction data for the respective lenses to the camera.
 is connected, the following are 
also displayed 
- Download status of DLO lens data to the computer
- Registered status of DLO lens data to the camera
1D X Mk II
5D Mk IV
The window displayed differs depending on the camera to be connected.