Nikon KeyMission 360 Quick Setup Guide (en)

Notes About Operating Temperature, Humidity, and 
The operation of this camera has been tested at temperatures from −10°C to +40°C 
(14°F to 104°F).
When you use the camera in cold climate regions or at high altitudes, observe the 
following precautions.
• Battery performance deteriorates temporarily when cold. Keep the camera and 
batteries warm under your clothing before use.
● Environmental conditions that are likely to cause condensation
Fogging (condensation) may occur on the inside of the lenses, lens protectors, or 
underwater lens protectors when there are sharp temperature changes or high 
humidity, such as in the environmental conditions described below. This is not a 
malfunction or defect.
• The camera is suddenly immersed in cold water after being in a hot place on land.
• The camera is brought to a warm place such as inside a building after being in the 
cold outdoors.
• The battery-chamber/memory card slot cover is opened or closed in a high-
humidity environment.
• The camera, lens protector, or underwater lens protector are still wet when they are 
attached to each other.
• The camera is used for an extended period of time in a low-temperature 
● Clearing the fogging
• Turn off the camera and open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover while 
in a place where the ambient temperature is stable (avoid places with high 
temperature, high humidity, sand, or dust). 
To clear the fogging on the lens, remove the battery and memory card, and leave 
the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover open to allow the camera to adjust 
to the ambient temperature. When a lens protector or underwater lens protector is 
fogged, remove the protector, and attach it to the camera again after the fogging 
has cleared.
Inspection and Repair
• If the camera is exposed to shock, it is recommended to consult your retailer or 
Nikon-authorized service representative to confirm the waterproof performance 
(charged service).
• If the waterproofing packing begins to deteriorate, consult your retailer or Nikon-
authorized service representative. The waterproof performance of the 
waterproofing packing may start to deteriorate after one year.
• If water seeps inside the camera, immediately stop using it and take it to your 
Nikon-authorized service representative.