Nikon KeyMission 360 Quick Setup Guide (en)

The KeyMission 360
The KeyMission 360
The KeyMission 360 is a new concept camera that is slightly 
different from the cameras before it.
• Create 360° content
The camera combines two images captured by lenses 
with an angle of view of about 180 degrees so that you 
can enjoy creating 360° content (except when shooting 
• Easy shooting with just one button
You can press a button to simultaneously turn on the 
camera and shoot.
• Connect to a smart device
Perform various operations and settings using a dedicated app due to the camera's 
lack of a screen.
• A wide variety of accessories that expands shooting capabilities
The Images
The two captured images are processed in the camera and saved as a single image. 
You can shoot at a 4K UHD size.
• The camera may be unable to capture subjects within about 60 cm (2 ft) from the 
camera’s top, bottom, or sides.
• Under some shooting conditions, the boundaries of the composited areas may be 
• Under some shooting conditions, images may not match perfectly at the 
composite boundaries.
KeyMission 360 Model Name: N1529