Nikon KeyMission 360 Quick Setup Guide (en)

Using the Camera
Select the desired type of movie to record by using Movie mode (
A25) in the 
SnapBridge 360/170 app.
• Standard movie:
Record normal movies.
• Superlapse movie:
The camera records movies and saves them in fast motion (960/30p or 960/25p). 
Use to record a movie while moving the camera. The camera compresses the time 
of changes in the subject and saves the movie.
At , a movie recorded for six minutes is played back as a one-minute movie.
• Loop recording:
After recording a movie for a specified time, the camera continues recording the 
movie while deleting the recorded movie data from the beginning (the movie is 
recorded as five separate files). Only the most recent data is saved on the memory 
card, resulting in a movie of the specified length.
When playing back the recorded movies saved in the camera on a TV, split movies 
are played back continuously.
Selecting a Movie Mode