Nikon KeyMission 360 Quick Setup Guide (en)

Using the Camera
Perform the following operations in the SnapBridge 360/170 app to change the 
camera settings.
Pair the camera and smart device in advance (
• Camera M Camera settings
Changing the Settings
Date and time
Set the camera clock.
Sound settings
Set the volume of sounds during operation.
• HighNormal (default setting), LowOff
Auto off
Set the amount of time that elapses after shooting 
until the camera turns off.
• 2 s5 s30 s (default setting), 1 min5 min
Format card
Format a memory card.
LED brightness
Set the brightness of the lamps.
• HighNormal (default setting), LowOff
Charge by computer
Set whether or not the battery in the camera is 
charged when the camera is connected to a 
Image Comment
A comment registered with Input comment is 
attached to images.
Copyright information
Copyright information registered with Artist and 
Copyright is attached to images.
Location data
Set whether or not to add shooting location 
information to the images that you take.
Reset all
Reset the camera's settings to their default values.
Firmware version
View the current camera firmware version.