Nikon KeyMission 360 Quick Setup Guide (en)

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Comply with Copyright Notices
Under copyright law, photographs or recordings of copyrighted works made with the 
camera can not be used without the permission of the copyright holder. Exceptions apply 
to personal use, but note that even personal use may be restricted in the case of 
photographs or recordings of exhibits or live performances.
Disposing of Data Storage Devices
Please note that deleting images or formatting data storage devices such as memory cards 
does not completely erase the original image data. Deleted files can sometimes be 
recovered from discarded storage devices using commercially available software, potentially 
resulting in the malicious use of personal image data. Ensuring the privacy of such data is 
the user’s responsibility.
Before discarding a data storage device or transferring ownership to another person, erase 
all data in the device using commercial deletion software, or format the device using 
Camera settings M Format card in the SnapBridge 360/170 app (A24), 
and then completely refill it with images containing no private information such as images 
of empty sky (c Camera 
Camera settings M Location data M turn off Download 
from device and then take pictures).
Next, reset all of the camera’s settings in c Camera 
Camera settings M Reset all in 
the SnapBridge 360/170 app.
Care should be taken to avoid injury or damage to property when physically destroying 
memory cards.