Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

The images downloaded to your computer are displayed in the 
[Quick Preview] window.
The [Quick Preview] window allows you to quickly review the 
downloaded images. You can also resize the [Quick Preview] 
When all images have been downloaded, DPP starts up 
automatically and the downloaded images are displayed.
To switch to the main window, click the [Main Window] button in 
the viewer window.
By clicking the [Format] button in the viewer window, you can 
initialize the card to which the images displayed in the viewer 
In step 2, you can batch checkmark several images in sequence. 
After clicking the first image you want to download, hold the 
< Shift > key and click the last image, and [
] will be 
displayed. By clicking the [
] button, the selected images will 
be checkmarked in a batch.
For a list of viewer window functions, se
Downloading and Erasing GPS Log Files from a Camera
EOS DIGITAL cameras with built-in GPS have a function for saving 
GPS log files. Using EU, you can download to your computer GPS log 
files saved in the camera’s internal memory or on the camera’s memory 
card. You can also delete GPS log files saved in the camera’s memory 
card. This function is enabled only when the camera’s [Select GPS 
device] is set to [Internal GPS] and Map Utility version 1.4 or later is 
After starting EU to download images on a camera’s memory card to 
your computer, the [Import GPS log files] dialog box appears if there are 
GPS log files in the camera’s internal memory or the camera’s memory 
Click the [Yes] button to download GPS log files to your 
The GPS log files are downloaded to your computer. When there 
are GPS log files in the camera’s internal memory, they are 
saved to the camera’s memory card before being downloaded to 
your computer.
Note that once the GPS log files are saved on the memory card, 
GPS log files in the camera’s internal memory will be deleted.
If you remove the check mark from [Delete the GPS log files from 
the camera’s memory card after importing.], GPS log files in the 
camera’s memory card will not be deleted even after they are 
downloaded to your computer.
Downloaded GPS log files are saved in the following folder.
Computer’s Documents folder  [Canon Utilities]  [GPS Log