Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

If your camera has a direct image transfer function, you can download to 
your computer the images saved on the memory card inserted in the 
camera by operating the camera. Refer to your camera’s Instruction 
Manual for details on its direct image transfer function.
When all images have been downloaded, Digital Photo Professional 
version 4.x starts up and the downloaded images are displayed. 
Connect your camera and computer, and then start 
up EU 
Operate the camera to transfer the images directly.
The images in the camera are saved to your computer.
Operating the Camera to Download Images 
to Your Computer
1D X
1D C
For users with a third-party card reader, you can also download to your 
computer images stored in a memory card using the card reader. 
However, EU does not support image downloading using a card reader. 
For this reason, when downloading images using a card reader, use one 
of the following 3 procedures.
Downloading Images Using Digital Photo 
Professional Version 4.x
You can use DPP to download to your computer shot images from a 
memory card inserted in a third-party card reader connected to your 
For detailed instructions, refer to “Downloading Images Using Your Card 
Reader” in the “Digital Photo Professional Version 4.x Instruction 
Manual” (PDF electronic manual).
Downloading Images Using ImageBrowser EX
You can use ImageBrowser EX to download to your computer shot 
images from a memory card inserted in a third-party card reader 
connected to your computer. 
For detailed instructions, refer to “ImageBrowser EX User Guide” (PDF 
electronic manual).
Downloading Images without Using Canon 
To download images with a card reader without using Canon software 
such as DPP or ImageBrowser EX, copy to your computer the [DCIM] 
folder in the memory card.
For more details about folder structures and files in the memory card, 
Downloading Images with a Card Reader