Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

Click the [Live View shoot.] button.
The [Remote Live View window] appears.
Remote Live View window
Click the [
] button to shoot.
The shot image is transferred to your computer and displayed in 
the [Quick Preview] window. Then, DPP starts up automatically.
You can quickly review the shot image in the [Quick Preview] 
window displayed before DPP starts up. You can also resize the 
[Quick Preview] window.
You can show/hide the [Quick Preview] window by clicking the 
[Other Functions] button in the capture widow and selecting 
[Quick Preview] from the menu that appears.
You cannot perform RAW processing. If you connect the camera 
to your computer during in-camera RAW processing, the camera 
and computer will connect after the processing is finished.
Options for Basic Zone modes cannot be set to cameras 
equipped with Basic Zone modes on their Mode Dials.
You can also shoot using the <space> bar on the keyboard.