Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

You cannot operate the camera when the [Remote Live View 
window] is displayed. Pressing the Live View shooting button will 
also display the Live View image on the camera’s LCD monitor, 
allowing you to view the image while operating the camera.
You can shoot by operating the capture window, even if the 
[Remote Live View window] is not displayed.
To perform exposure simulation 
 with [Remote Live View 
window] or enable display of histograms 
, set your camera’s 
[Exposure simulation] in the menu to [Enable].
You can also use mirror lockup with remote shooting. (Mirror 
lockup is not possible during Remote Live View shooting.)  
Self-timer shooting is possible.
You can change the software that starts up automatically when 
remotely shot images are transferred to your computer from DPP 
to other software in preferences ([Linked Software] tab sheet) 
For a list of the [Remote Live View window] functions, see 
For a list of the [Zoom View] window functions, see