Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

Shooting Movies
You can control your camera from EU and shoot movies from your 
computer screen. Note that you cannot shoot movies without a memory 
card in your camera.
Prepare for Live View shooting.
Follow the procedure from step 1 to step 2 for “Remote Live View 
Click [Live View/Movie func. set.].
The [Live View/Movie func. set.] window appears.
Select [Movies] for [LV func. setting], and select the 
movie recording size from the list box.
1D X
1D C
Click the [OK] button.
The [Live View/Movie func. set.] window closes. 
The following movie compression formats can be selected on 
• ALL-I (I-only): Compresses one frame at a time for recording. 
Although the file size will be larger than with IPB, 
the movie will be more suited for editing.
• IPB: 
Compresses multiple frames at a time efficiently 
for recording. Since the file size will be smaller 
than with ALL-I, you can shoot longer.
• MJPG: 
When shooting a movie at 4K (4096 x 2160 
pixels), Motion JPEG is used to compress the 
movie recorded. 
Each frame is compressed separately and 
recorded without compression between frames. 
The compression rate is therefore low. Since the 
image size is large, the file size will also be large.
When the 
 is connected and Canon Log gamma is set 
on the camera, the Canon Log gamma setting icon and [
(View Assist) button are displayed in the Remote Live View 
Canon Log gamma is a movie characteristic to attain wide 
dynamic range. As a result, the image displayed in the Remote 
Live View window has low contrast and is somewhat dark 
compared to when a Picture Style is set.
If you click the [
] (View Assist) button, the movie image will 
be displayed in the Remote Live View window with a 
conspicuous characteristic. This makes it easier to check the 
angle of view, details, etc.
Note that even if you click the [
] (View Assist) button, it will 
not affect the movie recorded to the card. (The movie will be 
recorded to the card with Canon Log gamma.)
1D X
1D C
1D C
1D C