Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

You can specify the operation when EU starts up. 
On the main window, click the [Preferences] button.
The [Preferences] dialog box appears.
Specify the required settings and click the [OK] 
The settings are applied to EU.
Basic Settings
When [Show [Select and download] screen] is selected in 
[Startup Action], the viewer window 
When [Show [Remote shooting] screen] is selected in [Startup 
Action], the capture window 
When [Execute [Start automatic download]] is selected in 
[Startup Action], the [Save File] dialog box 
 appears and 
downloading to your computer begins. When all the images have 
been downloaded, DPP starts up automatically and the 
downloaded images are displayed in DPP’s main window.
If you remove the check mark from [Automatically display Quick 
Preview window], the [Quick Preview] window will no longer 
appear during Remote Live View shooting or when loading 
You can specify the save destination folder of images downloaded from 
your camera or of images shot remotely.
Destination Folder
You can also specify a save destination folder by entering text 
directly in the textbox for the save destination folder.
To specify a save destination folder, click the [Browse] button. 
After you click the [Browse] button and specify a save destination 
folder, a subfolder is created automatically below the save 
destination folder you specified.
After you checkmark [Create a subfolder in this folder and save 
images], a subfolder is created.
You can select the naming rule for a generated subfolder from 
the list box. You can also customize the naming rule for 
subfolders by clicking the [Customize] button.
If you are using the shooting date for a generated subfolder, you 
can specify the format (order and style for year-month-date) and 
dividing characters.