Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

You can specify the file name of images downloaded from your camera 
or of images shot remotely.
File Name
When specifying an image’s file name, select a naming rule for 
the file from the list box. (If [Do not modify (Download Images)] is 
selected, images are saved with the file name set in the camera.) 
You can also customize the naming rule for files by clicking the 
[Customize] button.
You can set prefix characters, number of digits for serial 
numbers, and the start number individually for file names.
If you are using the shooting date in file names, you can specify 
the format (order and style for year-month-date) and dividing 
You can set operations performed during remote shooting.
Remote Shooting
If you checkmark [Rotate image], you can set a function that 
rotates shot images regardless of the camera’s position during 
shooting. Set the rotation angle in the capture window 
If you checkmark [Start Live View], the [Remote Live View 
window] automatically appears when the camera’s Live View 
starts up.
Is you checkmark [Stop Live View], the [Remote Live View 
window] automatically closes when the camera’s Live View ends.
If the camera’s Live View display is active when Remote Live 
View ends, the camera’s Live View display also ends.
If you checkmark [Turn on camera’s LCD monitor when Live 
View starts], the camera’s LCD monitor displays the image at the 
same time as Remote Live View starts.
If you checkmark [Change settings using mouse wheel on 
capture screen], you can use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to 
change settings over the capture window display/control buttons 
or the [Flash function settings] window.