Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

If EU is not operating correctly, see the items below.
Select an administrator-level privilege ([Computer administrator], 
[Administrator], etc.) as a user setting. You cannot install the software 
if a user setting other than an administrator-level privilege is selected. 
For detailed information on selecting an administrator-level privilege, 
refer to your computer User’s Manual.
 is connected to a computer with an interface 
cable and the camera’s Wi-Fi setting is enabled, EU cannot start up. 
Disable the Wi-Fi setting.
Depending on the card reader and computer OS used, SDXC cards 
might not be correctly detected. In such a case, connect your camera 
and computer with the provided interface cable, and transfer the 
images to your computer.
Click the [
] icon on the taskbar of the desktop, select [Exit] on the 
window displayed, and double-click the  [EOS Utility] icon on the 
desktop to start up EU.
EU does not operate correctly on a computer if its system 
requirements are not met. Use EU on a computer with compatible 
system requirements 
Push the plug of the interface cable all the way into the socket. Loose 
connections can cause faults and malfunctions 
Check that the camera’s power switch is < ON > 
EU and the camera may not communicate normally with a cable other 
than the EOS DIGITAL camera-dedicated Canon interface cable 
Installation could not be completed correctly
EU does not start up
The card reader does not detect the SD card
EU and the camera are not communicating
Connect your camera and computer directly with the interface cable 
provided with your camera. Do not connect the camera via a hub; 
doing so may prevent EU and your camera from communicating 
If you connect multiple USB devices (not including the mouse or 
keyboard) to your computer, the camera may not communicate 
normally. If the camera cannot communicate normally, disconnect 
USB devices other than the mouse or keyboard from your computer.
Do not connect more than one camera to the same computer. Two or 
more cameras may not operate normally.
Do not connect your camera with the computer while performing 
“Linked shooting” with a WFT series Wireless File Transmitter (sold 
separately). Your camera may not operate normally.
If there is insufficient charge left in the camera battery, the camera 
cannot communicate with EU. Either replace with a fully charged 
battery or use the AC adaptor kit (sold separately). Your computer 
does not supply power to the camera through the interface cable.