Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Custom White Balance
 Still Images 
For image colors that look natural under the light in your shot, adjust 
white balance to suit the light source where you are shooting. Set the 
white balance under the same light source that will illuminate your shot.
Aim the camera at a plain white 
subject, so that the entire screen 
is white. Press the [
] button.
The tint of the screen changes 
once the white balance data has 
been recorded.
Colors may look unnatural if you change camera settings after 
recording white balance data.
Changing Image Color Tones (My Colors)
 Still Images 
Change image color tones as desired, such as converting images 
to sepia or black and white.
Press the [
] button, choose 
] in the menu, and choose the 
desired option (
The option you configured is now