Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Adjust the volume.
Press the [
] buttons to 
adjust the volume.
To adjust the volume when the 
volume indicator (1) is no longer 
displayed, press the [
Pause playback.
To pause or resume playback, 
press the [
] button.
After the movie is finished, 
] is displayed.
To switch to Shooting mode from Playback mode, press the 
shutter button halfway.
To deactivate Scroll Display, choose MENU (
] tab 
► [Scroll Display] ► [Off].
To have the most recent shot displayed when you enter Playback 
mode, choose MENU (
] tab ► [Resume] ► 
[Last shot].
To change the transition shown between images, access MENU 
] tab ►