Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Finding Images Matching Specified Conditions
 Still Images 
Find desired images quickly on a memory card full of images by 
filtering image display according to your specified conditions. You can 
also protect (
Displays images with detected faces.
Displays the images shot on a specific date.
Displays images tagged as favorites (
 Still image/Movie Displays only still images or movies.
Choose a search condition.
Press the [
] button, choose 
] in the menu, and choose a 
When you have selected [
or [ ], choose the condition by 
pressing the [
][ ][ ] buttons 
on the screen displayed, and then 
press the [
] button.
View the filtered images.
Images matching your conditions 
are displayed in yellow frames. To 
view only these images, press the 
[ ][ ] buttons.
To cancel filtered display, choose 
] in step 1.