Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

The camera’s power-saving functions (= 44) are deactivated 
during slideshows.
To pause or resume slideshows, press the [
] button.
You can switch to other images during playback by pressing the 
[ ][ ] buttons. For fast-forward or fast-rewind, hold the [ ][ ] 
buttons down.
Changing Slideshow Settings
You can set up slideshows to repeat, and you can change the 
transitions between images and the display duration of each image.
Access the setting screen.
Press the [
] button, and 
then choose [Slideshow] on the 
Configure the settings.
Choose a menu item to configure, 
and then choose the desired 
option (
To start the slideshow with your 
settings, choose [Start] and press 
the [
] button.
To return to the menu screen, 
press the [
] button.