Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

 Still Images 
You can specify a portion of an image to save as a separate image file.
Choose [Cropping].
Press the [
] button, and 
then choose [Cropping] on the 
Choose an image.
Press the [ ][ ] buttons to 
choose an image, and then press 
the [
] button.
Adjust the cropping area.
A frame is displayed around 
the portion of the image to be 
cropped (1).
The original image is shown in the 
upper left, and a preview of the 
image as cropped (2) is shown in 
the lower right. You can also see 
the resolution after cropping (3).
To resize the frame, move the 
zoom lever.
To move the frame, press the 
][ ][ ] buttons.
To change the frame orientation, 
press the [
] button.