Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Adding Images to a Photobook
 Still Images 
Photobooks can be set up on the camera by choosing up to 998 
images on a memory card and importing them into the software 
on your computer, where they are stored in their own folder. This 
is convenient when ordering printed photobooks online or printing 
photobooks with your own printer.
Choosing a Selection Method
Press the [
] button, 
choose [Photobook Set-up] on the 
] tab, and then choose how 
you will select images.
] may be displayed on the camera to warn you that the 
memory card has print settings that were configured on another 
camera. Changing the print settings using this camera may 
overwrite all previous settings.
After importing images to your computer, also refer to “Software 
Instruction Manual” (