Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Display on a TV
Camera images look distorted or not displayed on a TV (
Cannot shoot.
Strange display on the screen when shooting.
Note that the following display problems are not recorded in still images 
but are recorded in movies.
The screen may darken under bright light.
The screen may flicker under fluorescent or LED lighting.
Purplish banding may appear on the screen if you compose a shot 
that includes a bright light source.
No date stamp is added to images.
Configure the [Date Stamp  ] setting (= 31). Note that date stamps 
are not added to images automatically, merely because you have 
configured the [Date/Time] setting (= 69).
] flashes on the screen when the shutter button is pressed, and 
Raise the flash and set the flash mode to [ ] (= 119).
Mount the camera on a tripod or take other measures to keep it still. 
Additionally, you should set [IS Mode] to [Off] when using a tripod or 
other means to secure the camera (