Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Zooming is not possible.
Zooming is not possible when shooting movies in [
] mode (
Playback is not possible.
Image or movie playback may not be possible if a computer is used to 
rename files or alter the folder structure. Refer to “Software Instruction 
Manual” (
Playback stops, or audio skips.
Switch to a memory card that you have performed low-level formatting 
on with the camera (
There may be brief interruptions when playing movies copied to memory 
cards that have slow read speeds.
When movies are played on a computer, frames may be dropped and 
audio may skip if computer performance is inadequate.
Sound is not played during movies.
sound in the movie is faint.
No sound is played for movies shot in [
] mode (
audio is not recorded in this mode.
Memory Card
The memory card is not recognized.