Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

2) Shoot.
Press the shutter button all the 
way down.
As the camera shoots, a shutter 
sound is played, and in low-light 
conditions when you have raised 
the flash, it fires automatically.
Keep the camera still until the 
shutter sound ends.
After displaying your shot, the 
camera will revert to the shooting 
Shooting Movies
1)  Start shooting.
Press the movie button. The 
camera beeps once as recording 
begins, and [
Rec] is displayed 
with the elapsed time (1).
Black bars are displayed on the 
top and bottom edges of the 
screen, and the subject is slightly 
enlarged. The black bars indicate 
image areas not recorded.
Frames displayed around any 
detected faces indicate that they 
are in focus.
Once recording begins, take your 
finger off the movie button.