Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Compose the shot.
To zoom in and enlarge the 
subject, move the zoom lever 
toward [
] (telephoto), and to 
zoom away from the subject, 
move it toward [
] (wide angle). 
(A zoom bar (1) showing the 
zoom position is displayed.)
To zoom in or out quickly, move the 
zoom lever all the way toward [
(telephoto) or [
] (wide angle), 
and to zoom in or out slowly, move 
it just a little in the desired direction.
Shooting Still Images
1) Focus.
Press the shutter button halfway. 
The camera beeps twice after 
focusing, and AF frames are 
displayed to indicate image areas 
in focus.
Several AF frames are displayed 
when multiple areas are in focus.