Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

3)  Finish shooting.
Press the movie button again to 
stop shooting. The camera beeps 
twice as recording stops.
Recording will stop automatically 
when the memory card becomes full.
Still Images/Movies
If the camera is turned on while the [
] button is held down, 
the camera will no longer sound. To activate sounds again, press 
the [
] button and choose [Mute] on the [
] tab, and then 
press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose [Off].
Still Images
A blinking [
] icon warns that images are more likely to be 
blurred by camera shake. In this case, mount the camera on a 
tripod or take other measures to keep it still.
If your shots are dark despite the flash firing, move closer to the 
The subject may be too close if the camera only beeps once 
when you press the shutter button halfway. For details on the 
focusing range (shooting range), see “Shooting Range” (
To reduce red-eye and to assist in focusing, the lamp may be 
activated when shooting in low-light conditions.
A blinking [ ] icon displayed when you attempt to shoot indicates that 
shooting is not possible until the flash has finished recharging. Shooting 
can resume as soon as the flash is ready, so either press the shutter 
button all the way down and wait, or release it and press it again.
Although you can shoot again before the shooting screen is displayed, 
your previous shot may determine the focus, brightness, and colors used.