Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Once you start the self-timer, the 
lamp will blink and the camera will 
play a self-timer sound.
Two seconds before the shot, the 
blinking and sound will speed up. 
(The lamp will remain lit in case 
the flash fires.)
To cancel shooting after you have 
triggered the self-timer, press the 
] button.
To restore the original setting, 
choose [
] in step 1.
Using the Self-Timer to Avoid Camera Shake
 Still Images 
This option delays shutter release until about two seconds after 
you have pressed the shutter button. If the camera is unsteady 
while you are pressing the shutter button, it will not affect your shot.
Follow step 1 in “Using the Self-
Timer” (
Once the setting is complete, [
is displayed.
Follow step 2 in “Using the Self-
Timer” (