Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

When you specify multiple shots, image brightness and white 
balance are determined by the first shot. More time is required 
between shots when the flash fires or when you have specified 
to take many shots. Shooting will stop automatically when the 
memory card becomes full.
When a delay longer than two seconds is specified, two seconds 
before the shot, the lamp blinking and self-timer sound will speed 
up. (The lamp will remain lit in case the flash fires.)
Adding a Date Stamp
 Still Images 
The camera can add the shooting date to images, in the lower-
right corner.
However, note that date stamps cannot be edited or removed, so 
Configure the setting.
Press the [
] button, 
choose [Date Stamp 
] on the 
] tab, and then choose the 
desired option (
Once the setting is complete, [
is displayed.