Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Image Customization Features
Changing the Aspect Ratio
 Still Images 
Change the image aspect ratio (ratio of width to height) as follows.
Press the [
] button, choose 
] in the menu, and choose the 
desired option (
Once the setting is complete, 
the screen aspect ratio will be 
To restore the original setting, 
repeat this process but choose 
Same aspect ratio as widescreen HDTVs.
Same aspect ratio as 35mm film, used for printing images 
at 5 x 7-inch or postcard sizes.
Native aspect ratio of the camera screen, also used for display 
on standard-definition televisions or similar display devices, or 
for printing images at 3.5 x 5-inch or A-series sizes.
Square aspect ratio.