Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Changing the Screen Displayed after Shots
Change the way images are displayed after shots as follows.
Set [Display Time] to [2 sec.], 
[4 sec.], [8 sec.], or [Hold] 
Configure the setting.
Press the [
] buttons to 
choose [Display Info]. Press the 
[ ][ ] buttons to choose the 
desired option.
To restore the original setting, 
repeat this process but choose 
Displays only the image.
Displays shooting details (
When [Display Time] (
= 83) is set to [Off] or [Quick], [Display 
Info] is set to [Off] and cannot be changed.
By pressing the [
] button while an image is displayed after 
shooting, you can switch the display information. Note that the 
settings of [Display Info] are not changed. You can also erase 
images by pressing the [
] button, or protect (
images as favorites (