Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Shots Resembling Miniature Models 
(Miniature Effect)
 Still Images 
Creates the effect of a miniature model, by blurring image areas 
above and below your selected area.
You can also make movies that look like scenes in miniature 
models by choosing the playback speed before the movie is 
recorded. People and objects in the scene will move quickly during 
playback. Note that sound is not recorded.
Choose [ ].
Follow step 1 in “Specific Scenes” 
A white frame is displayed, 
indicating the image area that will 
not be blurred.
Choose the area to keep in focus.
Press the [
] button.
Move the zoom lever to resize 
the frame, and press the [
buttons to move it.
For movies, choose the 
movie playback speed.
Press the [
] button, and 
then press the [ ][ ] buttons to 
choose the speed.