Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Black Manual (en)

Special Modes for Other Purposes
Using the Face Self-Timer
 Still Images 
The camera will shoot about two seconds after detecting that the 
face of another person (such as the photographer) has entered 
the shooting area (
= 113). This is useful when including yourself 
in group photos or similar shots.
Choose [ ].
Follow step 1 in “Specific Scenes” 
Compose the shot and press 
the shutter button halfway.
Make sure a green frame is 
displayed around the face you 
focus on and white frames around 
other faces.
Press the shutter button all 
the way down.
The camera now enters shooting 
standby mode, and [Look straight 
at camera to start count down] is 
The lamp blinks and the self-timer 
sound is played.