Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit Manual (en)

 Movie Menu Function Settings
[Wind filter]
When set to [Enable], it reduces wind noise when there is wind 
outdoors. This feature takes effect only with the built-in 
Note that [Enable] will also reduce low bass sounds, so set this 
function to [Disable] when there is no wind. It will record a more 
natural sound than with [Enable].
Even if you set [Sound recording] to [Auto] or [Manual] and 
shoot, sound distortion may still result if there is a very loud sound. 
In such a case, setting it to [Enable] is recommended.
Video snapshot
You can shoot video snapshots. For details, see page 187.
In Basic Zone modes, the settings available for [Sound recording] will 
be [On/Off]. If [On] is set, the sound-recording level will be adjusted 
automatically (same as with [Auto]). However, the wind filter function will 
not take effect.
The sound volume balance between L (left) and R (right) cannot be 
Both L and R record audio at a 48 kHz/16-bit sampling rate.