Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit Manual (en)

Adjust color.
Drag the sliders to adjust color. You can also directly enter values 
to adjust.
H: Adjust hue.
S: Adjust saturation.
L: Adjust luminosity.
Making Minute Adjustments to Color
You can make minute adjustments to a color you have specified, using 
the hue, saturation and luminosity functions in order to get the color you 
want. You can also set a range for the effect on surrounding colors 
which occurs when you adjust the colors you have specified.
Select the [Specific Colors] tab in the [Tool palette].
The [Specific Colors] tab sheet appears.
Note that if you adjust a color with the [Six Color-Axes] tab sheet or 
[Basic] tab sheet after making adjustments with the [Specific Colors] 
tab sheet, the color characteristic will be further adjusted and 
intended image characteristics may not be achieved. We 
recommend that you make adjustments in the following order.
(1) Adjust using the [Basic] tab sheet, (2) adjust using the [Six Color-
Axes] tab sheet, (3) adjust using the [Specific Colors] tab sheet.
Minute adjustments to 
a specified color 
Save a Picture Style file 
Load a Picture Style file 
Adjust the gamma characteristic for luminosity 
Adjustment color list 
Color display mode