Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit Manual (en)

In addition to specifying the adjustment point by clicking the color on the 
, you can also specify the color directly on the color wheel 
or by entering the color value.
Specifying the Color on the Color Wheel 
Specifying the Color by Entering the Color 
Click the [
Click the color you want to adjust on the color wheel.
The selected color is displayed as an adjustment point [
] on 
the color wheel.
Select the [Edit] menu  [Specify the numerical 
values for color adjustment].
The [Specify the numerical values for color adjustment] window 
Enter the color value.
The entered color value is displayed as an adjustment point [
on the color wheel.
Specifying the Color Directly
In addition to displaying colors before and after adjustment, the 
adjustment color list 
 shows overlapped range of effect of adjusted 
colors, and has a checkbox for specifying whether applying adjusted 
colors or not.
Overlapped Range of Effect of Adjusted 
When you select an adjusted color from the list and [
] appears, the 
range of effect of the adjusted color 
 is overlapping with the range 
of effect of other adjusted colors.
Moreover, the overlapped areas will be displayed in gray on the color 
wheel and an adjustment combining the original adjustments is applied.
To avoid an overlapped ranges of effect, select the subject color with 
] and adjust it again so that the range of effect of the hue and 
saturation no longer overlap.
Deleting an Adjusted Color
Be aware that you cannot recover deleted colors.
From the list, select the adjusted color you want to 
delete and then press the <Del> key on the keyboard.
The selected adjusted color is deleted.
Displaying the Adjustment Color List and its Functions
Color before adjustment
Color after adjustment
Displays overlapped range of effect of adjusted colors
Remove the checkmark to disable the adjustment